April 20, 2016

Book Review: Silencing the Darwin Skeptics by Dr. Jerry Bergman

 As with many words, the term “evolution” has several similar but distinct meanings, which in some cases have, shall we say, evolved over time. We must recognize this fact when addressing the issues surrounding the debacle we call the origins debate. One doesn’t have to be a theist or atheist to accept or deny the various methods by which it has been supposed we evolved from some lesser predecessing creature. The suppositions themselves are hypotheses and theories which honest scientific and logical inquiry may show to be valid or not. Many purely naturalistic processes have, in fact, been invalidated through reasonable study employed by theists and non-theists alike. Unfortunately, honest science has been detrimentally affected by the choking out of many brilliant modern minds that refuse to accept the ideology of an evolutionary origin at face value, and without question. This is particularly the case in publications and four year schools, though not always. Bergman illustrates the vast expansion of this vain philosophy throughout our society, and its perversion of the media, legal, and education systems to justify the controlling of propaganda, and routine silencing of doubters. He makes excellent work of revealing and documenting the truth of how the modern scientific community is not merely excluding results from researchers in the top of their fields, but scorning their very existence with open hostility- treatment which those who follow in the path of a Neo-Darwinian worldview would never accept for themselves.

February 3, 2016

Kerr Family Career Change - GoFundMe

I didn't write this, but I do know their family. Please consider sharing.

Mike & Malissa Kerr are in need of some start-up funds for a new career necessitated by Mike’s medical limitations. Mike has struggled for years with back issues stemming from a childhood injury that continues to get worse.  He is a talented construction entrepreneur who has consistently given his time and talent to mentor and help others.  His older sons and son-in-law have helped him lately with his projects, but the more Mike struggles in this work, the more injury he does to himself and the less he is able to heal through rest.  He is in the prime of his life unable to support his family with the skills and abilities he has honed over the years.  His desire is just to be able to provide for his family utilizing at least some of the knowledge he has acquired over the years.  To that end, through prayer, research and much discussion, Mike & Malissa believe that he should get his Real Estate Appraiser License. His training will start mid-February.

This would necessitate tuition, a car repair, room & board, finances for bills for four months which continue during his trainee classes, and money for some medical expenses.  Mike and Malissa have eight children still at home.  They are servants and givers.  They exhibit this through their lives, even when they don’t have a spare nickel to rub between their fingers.  They house others; they garden extensively and give produce to others; they mentor the sons of others; they hold Biblical feast gatherings on their land and invite others; they truly have Shepherd hearts.

Several friends who became aware of their situation, suggested opening a “Go Fund Me” account.  The Kerrs were very hesitant.  They finally agreed, realizing that God could move upon people’s hearts to share or not, and that allowing their need to be made known would give others an opportunity to be the Hands of YHVH ministering to them.  As one of these friends, I ask you to help us heap love on Mike & Malissa.

May YHVH be blessed, may you be blessed, and may Mike & Malissa also be blessed!  Thank you for making this a matter of prayer.  And please share!


February 2, 2016

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Technology in Spreading the Gospel and Creation Message

Article originally written and published as part of Let Creation Sing's Creation Science Alliance February e-newsletter.

By Kally Lyn
Today’s society is highly media-based. It seems like everything we do is in some way connected to an electronic device. But is this always a bad thing? Can it be used for a beneficial purpose? I think so. I don’t believe I’m the only one, either, or there wouldn’t be a section of Barnes & Noble solely dedicated to self-help books on the subject.

In recent years, kids and even adults (probably more than would like to admit) are spending quite a bit of their time working or playing on the web. This has its dangers, sure. Lots of articles and studies go into exploring that aspect of technology.

But I see modern tech advancements as having a good side, too. As a whole, we can see more, do more, connect more, and discover more than at virtually any other time in known history. We can learn all about scrolls and manuscripts, buildings, and species in places that we’ve never been to and likely for most of us, never will go to in our lifetime.
We have a global network such that missionaries in the jungle (The Wild Brothers) can film with costly equipment and create a video series world-known, keeping up with their newfound fans by interacting regularly on social media. Think about it, they have internet in the jungle. That’s huge! That ability means that for perhaps the first time in a very long time, Creation believers may finally have an edge, if we’re willing to advance with the times.
We can discuss, share, and instantly rebut the arguments against God’s purposeful design. We can provide evidence for a young Created System, daily, on a global scale. We have the opportunity to build a presence and make ourselves known as being more than the fringe-minority, science-rejecting, ignorant crackpot that has become the stereotype purported by an atheistic society. We have a voice, and the ability to show a united front for truth, if we choose to use the resources available to do so, in their fullest potential.
This is why it is so important to include this generation in apologetics and networking, because we grew up in it, we know the ever-evolving online social dynamic inside and out. This isn’t our parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents’ game anymore. It’s time for us to take up the torch- and many have done so.

For example, beyond providing international speaking engagements, the organization I am a part of, David Rives Ministries (DRM), has done great work in uniting many of the most popular and well-known Creation Organizations around the world to provide Genesis Science Network, a free 24-7 live streaming channel, airing hundreds of videos, and accessible on any device. As the first and only network of this kind, we reach an ever-growing audience worldwide, including viewers from countries like Japan, Sweden, and Israel.
Another quickly expanding project is The Creation Club, the fastest-growing creation media platform website in the world. This branch of DRM provides a platform not only for well-known ministries’ articles to be accessed in one place, but also for many small, independent authors, bloggers, podcasts, videos, photographers, and more to reach out with their content. We also have several hundred articles translated into 5 languages.
On a daily basis, the various outreaches of DRM touch the lives of tens of thousands across all the major social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Periscope, Instagram, and Google Plus (these accounts can be found by searching those networks, or via their associated websites, listed below.)

David Rives’ fun and educational show Creation in the 21st Century is on good old-fashioned cable, every Friday at 5:30PM Central Time via TBN. This year began our 3rd season of gaining in popularity by leaps and bounds, while millions of viewers globally and spanning every generation tune-in or watch the archived episodes online.

Our online Creation Superstore has resources from all of the leading brands and many independent publishers, including contributors to our websites, quickly earning the title of one-stop shop for anything related to Biblical Creation.
God is doing big things for us and through us. It’s not free, certainly. And it takes a lot of time and work from everyone on our international team that allows us to do what we do. But it’s worth it. It has potential. It is making a difference, in a big way. And you can be a vital part of it.
Technology can be a key tool in uniting people, witnessing, and encourage others in the truth of God’s Word, from the first word. I know this, because I see it working every day.

Kally is the Project Manager for The Creation Club, and Virtual Assistant for David Rives Ministries. The ministry is based out of the Nashville, Tennessee area. If you’d like to donate, invite David to speak, share your content, or see how you can help, we'd love to hear from you! Call the main office at 913-212-7990, or email Kally at kallylyn@thecreationclub.com.

November 16, 2015

An Open Letter on the November issue of ICR's Acts&Facts

Randy Guliuzza’s article, The Eugenics Disaster, was excellent, and really got to the heart of Evolution’s influence on the issue. But I would caution one not to assume that this problematic view of superior/inferior people is only due to the theories of Darwinian Evolution. The actions taken in recent history, even to the current day, were certainly spurred on by such ludicrous “evidences”, but the beliefs involved have always been part of the sinful nature of man. Throughout history, there have been wars waged, kingdoms razed, and entire people groups destroyed over the idea that something about one person’s body, politics, or viewpoint makes them better than their “enemy”. In fact, many supporters or early developers of what became known as the field of Eugenics were devout Christians of one sect or another, firmly believing that those who didn’t hold to their religious or hierarchal views of society were inferior –much as the Crusaders of previous ages thought. {I highly recommend Harry Bruinius’ Better For All The World as a good historical summary of the subject and its influence in western society particularly.} Rather than play the blame game, we need to realize that we all, as human beings, are susceptible to these tenets and take personal accountability for how we treat other people -made in the image of a Holy God.

October 26, 2015

Lighten up Your Home - Guest Post by Eveline Morgan

At some point or another, every home tends to get boring. It is perfectly normal. People
tend to get bored of something in particular after seeing too much of it – day by day.
However, there are some simple ways to give your home interior a new look without
really digging a hole in your wallet. Changing small details can make all the difference in
the world. Basically, you want to maintain the functionality of your home, but also come
up with the WOW factor. So, what are the simplest way to brighten your room up? A
few updates and a little creativity can work wonders over time.

Get a Plant

A houseplant has one major benefit over other things – it brings the nature indoors.
Most of these plants are extremely easy to keep in a good shape. Just give them light,
water and maintain the room temperature. Some pots make this job even easier because they
have their own water reservoirs. At the same time, plants are quite diversified. It makes
no difference how hot or cold the weather is. It also does not matter how much sun
exposure you got. There is a variety for each condition.

You do not necessarily need to come up with a forest inside your home, but a plant or
two will also keep the air fresh and add a colorful spot to your decor.

Buy New Accessories

New accessories can change the appearance of a room 180 degrees. Get some extra
candles. Change the rug or perhaps come up with some wall stickers. Got pillows on the
couch? Get new covers for them. If your room color scheme is neutral, a piece of color
will make it look more lively. Black is quite surprising. Any color around it looks more
vivid as well. The costs for such accessories are insignificant. You can do one at a time.
You will also find a series of DIY approaches and projects to save money. Plus, nothing
compares to the feeling of doing it yourself.

Change the Air

How? Simple. How does it feel when you enter a room and you can actually smell the
air? It smells like it has been there for years. Some homes have specific smells. This is only the
owners' responsibility. If you also smoke, the odors are terrible. Get over those
unpleasant odors (even if you cannot smell them, someone else will) with some oil
diffusers and essential oils. Basically, oil diffusers are supposed to enrich the air with
essential oils. There are over 50 major essential oils. They have various therapeutic effects.
Some of them boost your happiness and confidence, while others can improve your
sleep or even support your respiratory function. The good news is that both oil diffusers
and essential oils will not cost a fortune. Especially with a wholesale membership company, such as my own.

In the end, giving your home a new air is certainly a good choice every once in a while.
You do not have to insist with major expenses, but just come up with small
improvements and perhaps rearrange the furniture as well.

Visit the guest author's website HERE for reviews of all sorts of diffusers, to help you find the best one for your home!