May 22, 2009

Cell Phones and McDonald's

Last night my Bright Lights Lesson(see profile) was on Contentment. I didn't realize until I was trying to come up with a lesson, just how much I take for granted. I mean think about it. How many conveniences do we use everyday? We have coffee makers, fast food resterants, WalMart, cars. Everything from TV's to cell phones. But how much of this do we really need? How much of this do others live without? I'm not very old, but I remember cell phones that were the size of a coffee mug. They barely worked, much less had instant texting capabilities. Yet 9 out of 10 people on our roads are using them for writing their blog, or conducting business on the go, etc.
Our culture has become one of convenience. Grandma realized that 'those poor people in wherever don't have as much as us' -so eat your food. Now we pull up to a speaker, get what we want, use plastic to pay, and throw away whatever we don't want in the provided garbage can on the way out of the McDonald's parking lot. Where can you get that anywhere but the good old U.S.A?
Might I mention that the U.S.A. is currently in quadrillions of dollars in debt because we are no longer a contented people? We have become so accustomed and dependent on the latest technology, that we can no longer think or provide for ourselves. Scripture says to be thankful IN all things not FOR all things. If we could be content with what we already have, what a better world this would be.

Let's get rid of the catalogues and Cable and junk mail. Let's center our lives around Yahweh, not stuff.

You may think "I'm not discontent!" But Honestly. How many times today have you thought, "I wish..." or "I want..."? I know I've thought it today! Let's make it a goal, just one day at a time; analyze everything you do with the purpose of not being discontent. See what happens. Maybe we'll discover that the world is a brighter place after all.


  1. Good thoughts, Dear Young Friend! :) From Mrs. S in CT

  2. I'm very proud of you for having the courage to go into "the world" with this blog!

    Would you believe I began setting up my blog the same day? I didn't get it online until today, but I think the grandmother/granddaughter common interest in writing is really cool!!! We probably won't agree about everything and most of mine will probably be political, but I am so very proud of you!!!


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