May 11, 2009

Roses are... Rainbow

I would like to share some of the pictures I have taken of my roses this past week. I found a fabulous 'Joseph's Coat' Climbing Rose from Jackson Perkins. It's just beautiful! No two blooms are alike. Even in their maturing they change to look completely different. I am constantly in awe of Yahweh's creation.

This one's my favorite!

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  1. Hey sweetheart. Very impressive site. Read it all, and goes to show that even people older than you have something to learn from you. Keep up the good work. Will be following this closely. Will also be forwarding your mom's invite to Uncle Darby, Alex, Edie, and Chantelle. Think they could learn a thing or two as well. Love ya. Remember, God has blessed you with many gifts. I am proud that you are using them in a positive and compelling manner.
    Your Greatest Aunt (Ha-Ha)


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