May 22, 2009

Why That Name??

I believe that Jesus(Yeshua) came to earth, born of a virgin, to be the Savior(Messiah) of the entire world. No one is excluded or replaced by this action. All who accept Yeshua as their Messiah are to live their lives as close as humanly possible to that of Yeshua. This does not necessarily mean following rabbinical law. This means following God's Instruction Manual/User Guide (the Torah).
Yeshua came to add to the Torah, not take from or nullify it (Matthew 5:17-19, James 2). I believe that it is by following Yeshua's Torah that people will "see our faith by our works" and thereby WANT to come into the faith. It is not our job to shove it at them. This is why my favorite verse is Matthew 5:16. It reminds me that my job is simply to live "as unto the Lord(Yahweh)." That is why this is the name I have chosen for my blog.

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  1. Young lady, I enjoyed reading your post. It is refreshing to see the youth that are following the torah. I enjoy the fellowship with your family and am proud of your choices. You are a jewel in society and a credit to your family. Richard


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