June 29, 2009

Free plants for me...As in f-r-e-e-e :)

Every other week my younger sister and I clean our neighbor's house. On occasion, we also take care of their dogs for them. This weekend we were on dogsitting duty.
During the daily walk aroung the neighborhood, I found several plants sitting in the trash piles on the side of the road. Not one to throw away a plant, I went back and got them after we took the dogs home. There were six lilies, two sets of onions, and a houseplant. I cannot remember the name of it.
Anyway, they are now in my backyard, sitting in a washtub full of water, recuperating. I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt! I'll post some pics after I'm done with them.
Shalom Ya'll!

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  1. Kally? Is that you?? Oh my goodness! I'm just kind of guess by the "yall"s in the comment you posted and then kind of putting together the initials.

    WOW it's been so long!!!!!!!!!! I miss you guys more than I can say. So much more.

    Life sure is flying by. I'm soon to be 19!
    Oh yes, Stevie still calls people nicknames. Its like his crazy trademark ;)

    Miss you- Pop off an email sometime. click on my profile on my blog and you'll get it. I tried to email you a while ago but it said it didn't work anymore-


    P.s. how did you find my blog?????


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