June 30, 2009

Let's Always Look Forward to Spring

It's rainy season where I live. And it will be this way for the next three months (sigh).I almost always feel an extra burst of energy right before it rains, but then sink into a depression once the rain has started real good. Does this ever happen to anyone else?
In life it is the same way I think. Everything goes fine for a while, gets even better for a time, and then drops out from under us. A crisis of one sort or another, small or big, happens. We can either stay sunk or choose to get up, dig out, and keep going. And the same thing happens all over again.

Let's see if I can incorporate the seasons into this theory of mine...
In Winter life is dormant; the air is cool, nature is asleep, resting up so that come Spring it can blossom bigger and brighter than if it didn't rest.
In Spring everything is waking up, beginning again; producing new life and renewed growth. Everything is wonderful, and would seem that it will ever end.
Come Summer is the dry spell. First it won't stop raining, then it rains little if at all.
Towards Fall, everything that represented life in Spring is dried up, dying. The grass is brown, the flowers have all dried up, and the trees become bare. The earth is thirsty for a single drop of water, but those few it recieves don't last long enough to nourish.
Then comes Winter again. Everything sort of stands still, falls asleep standing up; weary and waiting for the rains that will again produce new growth, new life in the Spring.
Is it a wonder that most people look forward to the Spring in our year? Don't we also look forward to and wait, dormant but hopeful, for the Spring- the time of new life and renewed growth- in our own lives? If not- then shouldn't we?
May everyone share a pleasant Erev Shabbat this evening.
Shalom to all.

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