June 16, 2009

Peaches and Plums... And Farmland

My family went on a road trip today. We picked peaches and went to fruit stands along the backroads. We even ate some homemade peach ice cream; which was not quite as good as my mother's, but still good nonetheless. :) We had our picnic lunch at a Wildlife Reserve on the route. My, that place was beautiful! There is so much beautiful land in this country, you just have to get away from man's grand land of "progress" to find it. I took lots of pictures - a few of which I'll share with you below...

I thought this cloud looks so neat! Can you see the person inside it?

Almost time for planting again...

This building is in the midst of being repainted. The Historical Society of the town it is in takes great care of the old buildings under their supervision.

Don't worry - that's just a branch. :)
These are some of the many water lilies at the Reserve.
I also got pictures of a frog, dragonflies, and an alligator that watched us from a safe distance. Whether that is in 'safe for him' or 'safe for us' I don't know. :)

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