July 30, 2009

Pictures of my f-r-e-e-e plants #1

Okay, I told you that I would post pictures of the plants I rescued from the trash. For a little while Iwasn't sure if the lilies would make it. But now they have made bulbs- which are beginning to sprout BTW. They also have shoots coming up around the rest of the pot. The onions are doing very well now. I'm using them to experiment with Hydroculture- sort of. I didn't have enough dirt to fill the bucket that I put them in, nor did I have a big enough pot that has holes in the bottom. Long story short- They're growing in a bucket half-full of water. They seem to be growing fine- no mold or anything. We've used them for green onions, since they're still too small for anything else yet. They taste great! :)

As for the house plant- The name is Pothos, BTW. There are two of them. Both have doubled in size, if not tripled. They are growing in our upstairs window by the computer desk. At first Ithought one was going to die, but it came back and is growing faster than the other one. I think it may have to do with the amount of fertilizer that I put on them when I started. Oh, well... Lessons learned.

So far I have only downloaded pictures of my lily sprouts/bulbs. I will try to get some of the other plants shortly.

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