July 22, 2009

Straight Teeth


I liked them while they've been on, but will definately celebrate when they're gone!

I have already started a list of things I'm going to eat afterwards.

Top item: Now And Laters- a whole bag of 'em. I could practically live off of chocolate and Now And Laters!
Next: Corn on the Cob- I love corn on the cob! A sacrifice I will no longer have to make!! :)
After that comes: Steak, carrot sticks, bubble gum- I never chew gum, but I will (at least once) after my braces are gone!

And the list grows...

I may have to have a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving sort of meal to celebrate! :) :)

1 comment:

  1. I think I can semi-sympathize...I got my wisdom teeth out last week, and I had to eat everything with my front teeth...ugh! Plus I couldn't open up my mouth very big because of pulling on the stitches. =S Yucky. Glad that's behind me!! ^_^ Have a big celebration when you get your braces off!! ^_^


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