August 6, 2009

Technical Difficulties

I hate it when the batteries on my camera die. It feels so strange not bringing it with me everywhere. Even worse, I can't get shots of everything that I normally would. :(
Oh, well. They're only a couple bucks at Wal*Mart. I just don't want to spend money on batteries right now. :)
I know, it's my own fault right? lol.

We've been canning peach salsa and pears. Pear preserves, pear honey, pear-whatever-that's-called-that-tastes-so-good, -you get the picture. :) Usually I hate fruit, but the things Mom has come up with for canning- now that's some good stuff! :)

Did I miss anything...? Oh, yeah. It's raining again... lol. Sigh.


My little sister is eating a 10 cent candy stick from Cracker Barrel. "Ka-yee, peace haff more?" Sweet grin. Don't you love little ones? :)

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  1. At least you have a camera...I dropped mine. =S no longer works, and it's only a matter of days before the morning dove baby starts flying from the nest outside the office window!!! Ooohhh pretty please, wee birdie, stay there until I get my camera!!!!!



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