August 25, 2009

What is it to Testify Truth?

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What is it to Testify Truth?

Testifying Truth”- Now, tell me, what does that mean? I suppose that before I can write an article on the subject, I must know what the definition is for what I am writing. Some may expect me to rattle off a wonderful story about how I evangelized to someone or something to that effect. Or there may be others who wish to hear how I blessed my family in some way.

Well, today, I’m not going to do either. Today, I will attempt to expound on the subject of “testifying truth”. What does it mean to do so?

When most people hear “testifying truth,” they automatically think “ministry.” Our Western culture usually thinks of “ministry” as being involved in a church or church-like setting. Not many imagine a Mom, daughter, florist, or UPS driver as being “in ministry.” But is this biblical?

When Paul is speaking to the Colossians, he says, “Whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to Yahweh, and not unto men.” That means everything. We are to do everything in an effort to please the Father, not those around us. In Matthew 25:40, Yeshua told His disciples in a parable, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” If you think about it, this means that if you give the last cookie to someone else; you just gave that cookie to Yeshua, instead of being selfish and taking it for yourself. Because Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatsoever,” or everything; I think this applies to every single day, not just on Sabbath or during church activities and functions.

The other day I passed a sign which read, “The greatest sermon preached is the one lived.” How true that is! People may not listen to what you have to say, but they will intently watch everything you do. If people don’t see that you are different, they won’t care anyway. Why would they want to tack on the name of “Christian,” when they can do the same exact thing in the world without the hypocrisy? This is why we must strive for everything to be done “as unto Yahweh.”

Acts 20:24 says, “…None of these things move me…so that I might finish…the ministry which I have received of Yeshua my Messiah, [which is] to testify the gospel of the grace of Yahweh.” Paul was determined that nothing would stop him from glorifying Yahweh and showing His love to others. This is the very purpose and meaning of ministry. Our whole life should be based on glorifying Yahweh and showing His love to others.
You may be thinking, “What does this have to do with ‘Testifying Truth’?” While I do tend to go off on rabbit trails, please bear with me. This is relevant.

The definition of truth is, “the real state of things, fact, the body of real things, events, and facts.” Testimony means to, “evidence or witness, evidence based on observation or knowledge, an open acknowledgement or profession.” So in this context, testifying truth means “to bear witness of the Scriptures.” What exactly does this mean? You guessed it! Glorifying Yahweh in everything you do, and showing His love to others. Now that I have- hopefully- given some clarity to what testifying truth is; how do we Testify Truth? In what ways can we glorify Yahweh? How about:

● Develop the skills and talents that Yahweh has given us, such as cooking, cleaning, sewing, writing, gardening, singing, etc. What are some of your skills and talents? Any interest can be used to minister to others.
● Be a living testimony. Your biggest testimony is your life. How you live shows others who you serve (Matthew 5:16). Yeshua set us an example to follow: “Serve others as I have served you,” (John 13:3-20). He wants us to have a servant’s heart and be willing to serve others.
● Be committed. When you follow through with what you say you will do or what you believe; people will respect and appreciate that.
● Be attentive to every opportunity. Even- and especially- around the house, be looking for ways to serve others.
● Be a servant. Don’t do things for recognition of others. Yahweh sees it regardless. Matt.6:6
● Don’t allow distractions to get you down. Don’t let others or the world distract you or prevent you from living your life for the Father. The formula for failure is to try to please all parties. Life doesn’t work that way. Either you please Yahweh, or not. These are our only two options.
● See other’s needs. Look for needs that need to be met. What can you do for this person? Is it too much to go out of your way to help them?

According to Romans 8:28 and 9:17, everyone has a specific purpose. Each one individually, and all as a whole. We each have our own way in which we are to glorify Yahweh, “That [His] name might be declared throughout all the earth.”

With Yahweh’s help we can be living examples of Scripture; thus, by our life example, testifying truth to all those around us. This is what it means to “Testify Truth.” Again, your greatest testimony is your life. Are you going to use it for Him, or against Him?

Instead of writing how you did something, I encourage you to write about how someone blessed you, for a change. How have you noticed others testify truth, as an example to the rest of us? It doesn’t have to be long. You can write about how your baby sister encouraged you with a desperately needed smile, and the thought that passed through your head afterwards. That is her way of ministering to you.

Of course, you can write about something that you did, (or did wrong). But remember that “evangelizing” isn’t the only, or in my opinion, the “true” type of ministry that Yahweh wants us to have. How have you blessed your family? How have they blessed you?

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