September 13, 2009

Here Comes Fall!

Over the last few weeks our family has been getting ready for Succoth- planning, making sure that we have everything, and in a few weeks we will begin to pack things up. Succoth is my favorite of Yahweh's festivals. However, since we've moved down south I haven't been able to wear my sweaters as much as in former years.

It's September and STILL 90 degrees outside. Doesn't anybody see something wrong with that?! Oh, well. This isn't New England. No, it is definitely NOT New England...

Last week I had fried okra for the first time ever. We were arguing over who would get the last spoonful on the platter. This strange southern food was lots better that I thought it would be! :-)

My roses are doing very well. The San Juan Climber is going over the fence. I'm going to have to tie it in place again soon. Ditto for my Joseph's Coat Climber. They're both beautiful! My Iceberg Shrub rose is three times the size I thought it would get in one year. Also doing very well. So far, I have only had one incident with aphids, and no diseases have affected the plants at all. It has been a very good year for roses, I think.

Our aloe plants, which we recieved as a gift this spring, have started quite a few new plants; all of which are healthy and green.

Those houseplants that I found and rescued (called Pothos, I believe) have achieved a good size and have lots of foliage. One is a darker green, the other a more yellowish green. They get a little bit different lighting, though, which is probably the cause of this.

Almost exactly a year until Dad retires! Yippee! We have all decided that when that happens we will each get a dog. Of course, this may or may not happen, but it's still fun to pretend. :-)

It hasn't rained as often as it had in the past few months. But the forecast is still full of water. :-( Isn't there enough here already? But then the weather man is usually wrong anyway... :-)

We're currently watching our neighbor's dogs. Besinji (or something like that) is the breed of the dogs. They're so cute! They're very full of energy, and almost as mischevious as me. lol All of us like it when we get to babysit the dogs. It's always fun!

We've been sewing today. Busy, busy. Right now little one is taking a nap, and we only have one sewing machine working. That means I get a break and can write this post. I am working on pants for the little girls to wear under their skirts for the fall. I'm also making my third jean skirt. These are so easy to make, but also stand wear, as well as looking nice enough to wear to Fellowship on Shabbat if I want to. Besides, all the hard parts have been done by the factory! :-)

I think that's all the updates for now!


  1. Can you please post a picture of your jean skirts? I remember helping "someone" make a jean skirt, but I have never attempted it again because it totally makes me fed-up. Of course, since that was a couple years ago, I suppose I might have a different approach now, if I ever took it up again.

  2. Yes, I will post a few pictures of my jean skirts. Maybe in my next post...

    Yes, it gets easier after the second skirt. *Smiles*

    I'll post some tips/how to with the pics.


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