October 13, 2009

Pictures from Sukkoth

The Moon on Saturday, October 3rd. As you can see, it is a perfect Full Moon.

The little ones are unsuspecting... My favorite photo from the trip. :-)

Some Local Wildflowers

My friend says "Hi." ...Good times...

A Sunset for the Sabbath

Does anyone know what this is???

Some other "pets" we found were:

A Snapping Turtle that Kyle named "Coolio G." ...I don't even know if I spelled that right. It was the size of a Half-Dollar. Docile as can be. Memaw has pictures, but I don't...yet.

A Praying Mantis was found while taking down Jade's tent. It crawled up my arm and sat on my shoulder. It was almost like the parrot you imagine on a pirate's shoulder. I found out that their legs tickle when they stroke your arm...

I got some great pictures of people, but for various reasons I'm not supposed to put them on here.

So, "That's all for now, folks!"



  1. I love the pictures! You can email me the other pictures (hint, hint). :)
    It sounds like you had a great week! :)

  2. Oops, Don't know how the other one went through, but I was signed into my other account. So, anyway... :)

  3. Hurrah!! I'm so glad you posted, I was missing you!! ;)

    Looks like you had a grand time...e-mail me with all the info!!


  4. I love the picture of your children holding hands. I love walking behind my 7 year old niece and nephew (our precious twins) and watching them walk and hold hands with each other or their younger brother and sister.


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