December 28, 2009

Chinese Food For Supper

This last Sabbath, we had some friends over for the day, to study Torah with.
Dad loves to cook and try different recipes. It is one of his greatest joys to be in the kitchen. So this time we had Chinese food. That was good stuff!

I was going to type out the recipes, but since there are so many for the amount of space that I have, I thought it would just be easier to give you the links to the website they came from. Then you can just print them off or bookmark them or whatever. Dad's latest place to find good food is, so these are all on there.

Anyway, here's the links:

General Tso's Chicken (a family must-have when eating Chinese) - Click here.

We use this recipe for Hoisin Sauce (this is used in the General Tso's Chicken recipe) - Click here.

Stir-Fried Chicken and Broccoli (beef can also be used) - Click here.
You can replace the Sherry with Red Wine.

Last but definately not least is Teriyaki (we've used beef and/or venison) - Click here.

I've got to go. We're going to listen to some CD's which bring the different wars into perspective. The American Revolution wasn't really a revolution, but the Civil War (or War Between the States) was, etc. I don't remember the title exactly, but I'll probably get something on here about it later.
Anyway... Please comment if you can't see the recipes- or have tried them! :-)


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  1. SOUNDS GOOD! I want some! :))
    Shabbat shalom!


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