December 9, 2009

A Neat Water Filter... And While We're on the Subject...

About a month ago, my family bought a water filter because our water is... well... nasty. It works! The filter works using gravity and some sort of foam-like carbon filter. You don't ever have to change the filters- just rinse them every few months or when they start to get clogged.
We just rinsed ours for the first time, and everything works just the way it did when we got the filter. Even at rinsing the filter once a month (for us) that's still much better than drinking it plain. When the water goes from yellowish with stuff floating in it to clear and empty- that's got to be a great filter!

For anyone out there who would prefer to drink water but doesn't want all the gunk that's in it- or pay thousands of dollars a year for purified "imported from wherever" water- check this out!

Okay, enough of my sales-pitch (but the water really is better), lol. :-) My younger siblings played out in the rain today. The children on this side of the street cam over and they were all having a blast and "Singing in the Rain". lol! Rain is okay so long as it comes in moderation and without thunderstorms... You can't have any fun when there's lightning going off all the time!

Let's see... we had Corn Chowder for Supper. This used to be one of my little brother's favorite, so we'd eat it all the time. After a while we got tired of it, and thus haven't had it in some time. But it tasted good tonight! :-)

For dessert, I made Double Chocolate Brownies using the recipe a friend gave to Mom. Those were rich, but let me tell ya- they were GOOD! I'll put that on my list of recipes I need to put on here... lol!

Got to go!
Below is a picture of the water filter. They put red food coloring in the "unfiltered water" section to show what the filter can do. Check it out!

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