February 25, 2010

FYI- Coffee is HOT!

My younger siblings decided to make breakfast yesterday, which was fine- and tasted great. But it meant that I decided to stay in bed for a little longer, which, for the most part, was also fine. Except that I wasn't fully awake when I came downstairs to eat. So I started the coffee pot.

WARNING: No matter how bad you want your coffee, wait until it's done brewing before pouring!

I waited until there was just enough in the pot for my sister and I to have a cup, and took the pot off to pour our mugs-full. Then I went to put it back and the top part popped out- you know, that part that holds all of the grounds, and thus all of the hot water that drained into them while I was using the coffee pot? Yeah, that part. There was probably a full two cups of scalding hot water-and grounds- that poured onto my hand and all over the cabinet!

Fortunately, my hand is fine and no one else got hurt. I have a triangle-shaped second degree burn on the back of my hand, but it doesn't feel too bad, thanks to Mom's aloe plants. A day later, I can comfortably write and type- just so long as nothing touches the burn. Like the sleeve of my sweater, just now.

Anyway, that's been my latest exciting experience. :-) Has anyone else done anything "exciting" lately? lol!

Got to go. Blessings!


  1. Ahaha, fun post KallyLyn, thanks for sharing! :) Keep blogging, the readers'll flock. Thanks for commenting on mine!

  2. LOL - I'm so sorry this happened to you! I had a similar experience with coffee. My aunt had gotten some coffee from Starbucks and offered me some. We were in the car and it was dark, so I grabbed it from the lid, and the cup dropped to the group, spilling scalding hot coffee on the feet. Despite having on socks and tennis shoes, I still managed to get a 2nd degree burn that left me in a cast for a few weeks. I still have the scar!


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