March 29, 2010

Brain Washing 101

A friend asked me for advise on what she could tell her daughter as they are coming into this Torah-Observant walk. She said that her daughter had been told that she was being "brain-washed". This is what I told her: Give your daughter a good definition of "brain-washed".

You see, washing your brain is like washing your hair. You need a good shampoo and preferably pure water to make it work right. Otherwise you're just adding gunk to your hair and making it worse. Sometimes our hair is dirtier than others, or we need to scrub harder/longer to get it clean.

Simply put,
Yahshua = The living water
Torah = The best shampoo for any hair

Directions: "Coat hair with a liberal amount of shampoo. Gently massage into hair with fingertips to work into a lather. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat as necessary."*

Being brain-washed isn't necessarily as bad as people think it is. :-)

*Courtesy of my Tresemme shampoo bottle. :-)


  1. I was thinking of this conversation again yesterday. My little person and I were talking about the need to rinse our hair well. When we don't rinse, residue weighs our hair down. In the same vein of your example, some of the "traditions" we sometimes hold to are the residue from our cleansing. They remain in our minds and hearts until we stay immersed the Living Water long enough to get it all out.

    I'm just thankful that being immersed in the Living Water leads to life, instead of the physical water which can drown !

  2. This is soooo sad. I will pray for you and your right to free thinking!


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