March 9, 2010

Photography Class

I've been taking a photography class, the past couple of Tuesdays. This week our assignment is to take a few pictures using what we've learned in the class so far. I have so many ideas! ...Now if I can get what's in my head to work, that'll be great! :-)
We also have to bring in a few pictures (ones we've already taken) for her to critique. She gave us a maximum of 5 photos. I'm going to max out. :-) I already have the pictures chosen in my head, and the day isn't even over yet!
I came home with a bad headache, but otherwise very excited. I can't wait 'til next week! Maybe I'll post my assignment photo when I've taken it...
Oh, and one of the girls who has been going has a really neat blog. Check it out at She's got some great photos!
Dinnertime! (Boy, it smells good!)

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