April 12, 2010

...I still exist :-)

Just so you know... I still exist. :-)

We went camping for the Feast of Unleavened Bread. We had some awesome fellowship, and learned LOTS of ways to make "real food" without leavening! :-)

I am currently writing down a study that I have been working on about Pesach. Once I get it done I intend to post it.

This next month or so will be really busy for me, so I may not post as much. But I will try to keep it up. I can't wait 'til I graduate in June! Yay!

During our camping trip I used my Minolta 35mm for the first time. Hopefully the pictures will turn out well! I sent them off to Wally World the other day, so we'll see. They looked neat through the viewfinder, anyway... lol!

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