June 30, 2010

My First Book Review

"Testimonies of Godly Courtship" - compiled by John Weaver.

A friend sent me this book as a graduation gift last week. It came while I was having a struggle with my thoughts that day. I ended up reading the whole book before I went to bed. This book was a blessing for me. It was definitely the encouragement that I needed to hear!

The book is a compilation of the courtship stories of about eight young couples, all of whom are from Christian denominations. Each of the stories are very well-written and inspiring, as the couples and their families try to obey Scripture and find YHVH's best for their individual lives.

An excerpt from the Introduction: "Each one entered courtship with the thought of marraige, seeking the blessing of YHVH upon their lives, and following the direction given by their authorities. The result is YHVH pouring out His blessing on their lives.

"To the vasy majority of the world, courtship would seem very strange...Sadly, many have bought into the world's system of dating...with no real intention of long-term commitment. May these testimonies inspire others to seek for a higher standard." Amen.

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