September 25, 2010

Dear.Whomever.Pt.1 - Sights I've Seen

Dear Whomever,

I originally wrote this letter on September 19th, but it was basically unreadable, among other things, and there is much else to be told. So here is my second draft, with additions from the next week or so.

There is much that comes to mind at present, but the first thing that must be said is that while I am liking Missouri so far, I *really* miss the family I left behind. This longing for my old home is particularly intense on Shabbat. We had a nice day, on both Sabbaths, spending it with friends/acquaintances that we had met before. But it just wasn’t the same as being with my “family.”

On the way home from fellowship on the 18th, due to the overcrowded nature of the van, I chose to ride in the floor-board. From where I sat I could look up at the sky through the windows. I saw the moon, which in its phase looked like the “man on the moon” was trying to grin, and barely succeeding. It reminded me of everyone’s faces on Wednesday (the day we left). I also saw the constellation Cassiopeia- the big W in the sky. Or at least that’s how I had taught my friends to remember it.

This had brought back a memory from when we went camping for Unleavened Bread. Will and I were looking up at the sky, studying the stars. He thought it was so neat that I could show him the constellations that we had only looked at in pictures on Shabbat sometimes. It’s amazing, the pictures that YHVH made and that man can trace out by using only the outline of a few “random” stars in the sky. Maybe that’s why I like astronomy so much- seeing so much out of so little details, like the specks of light in the sky… Anyway…

I took a few pictures on our drive to Missouri, but right now we’re borrowing someone else’s computer for internet, so I have to wait to post them on my blog… I did, however, write notes on a 3x5 card things that I particularly wanted to remember from the trip. In order of writing, these were:

A church billboard which read, “[YHVH’s] not on Facebook, but He still wants to be your friend.” I thought it was kind of funny. Another said, “Without the Bread of Life, you’re toast.” We had just been talking about getting lunch when we passed that one, which made it really funny/ironic.

In Georgia, as we passed through the cotton and soybean fields I noticed that cotton fields ready for harvest look like snow or frost on the grass. It’s beautiful, white along the road for as far as you can see on either side. In Alabama we went through more cotton and soybeans, but not as much as in Georgia, I think. As the sun was setting it cast a pretty pinkish-red glow on the telephone lines along the road. It made them look like spider’s webs after a rain, all wet and sparkly. I tried to take a picture of it, but the bugs all over the windshield made for a not-so-pretty picture! :-)

In Arkansas we stopped for gas and supper in a place that was literally called “Pickles Gap.” This town had signs for a road called- no joke- “Toad Suck Park.” There was also a billboard that read “Fleas & Tiques” (an antique shop). Can you imagine ordering pizza for Toad Suck Park road? Mom said she thought of me the moment she saw that road sign- and I started cackling because, being in a different vehicle, I knew that’s what Mom would be thinking if she saw it!

The grocery store here only has two kinds of clean meat in the deli- Smoked Turkey, and Oven Roasted Turkey. No variety, no beef, nothin’. Just pork and…pork. But they do have, like, 30 different kinds of soda to choose from. As a friend said, “Welcome to your small town grocer.” :-) (For those who don’t know me- I don’t like soda.) I’m not complaining, so don’t get me wrong- they do carry chocolate in fair supply- it’s just different than what I’ve ever known before. It was quite interesting to see things that we couldn’t get anywhere else, and others that we had been used to having available at one time or another.

It has been raining a lot in this part of the country, so everything is sticky clay-mud. (Yuck!) I’m thinking that my “very white sneakers” won’t be very white for long. (Later note: I was right; they’re currently a brownish gray color.) We had already been planning to get muck boots once we moved, but now they’re definitely near the top of my list!

To be continued…

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