September 4, 2010

He Will Write It On Our Hearts

On Shabbat, the latest favorite treasure hunt is finding the Alef-Tav in our Scripture readings. This morning, Dad and I were studying together and did some translating using the Strong's numbers and our limited knowledge of Hebrew.

So. This is what we got:
Deuteronomy 30:6, our translation- "YHVH Eloyach will carve את (Alef-Tav) in your heart and את (Alef-Tav) in the hearts of all your generations, to love את (Alef-Tav)-YHVH as His bride, with your whole heart, and whole spirit, with the purpose that you may truly live."

- YHVH Eloyach (H433) speaks of YHVH the Father, it is singular.

- Love is properly "Ahabah" or "Ahavah" in Hebrew, Strong's H160. It is the affection/attraction/love of a bride for her husband, in the fullest/greatest sense.

- "In your heart" literally means "in", as in the *inner*most* parts of your heart. Not just "on" your heart- *in* it.

- Whole heart...Whole spirit = Every last bit of your heart, the deepest aspects of your soul- the most inmost parts of your being, *every*thing* in you.

-To "truly live", or Strong's H2425, means to be alive, renewed, continue living, full of life... life in the utmost.

Digest that a little and then read the next post... I got more (on another verse). :-)

Shabbat Shalom!

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  1. I loved this week's reading! SOOOO many things I want to proclaim... SOO many things for THIS time. And what, did he say something about 'circumcising men's hearts'?!??! I thought that was only taught by Paul?! Oy.


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