November 5, 2010

Central Market

I guess it's probably not a normal thing for a family to (unanimously) place a grocery store at the top of their sight-seeing list. But in our house, that's exactly where Central Market ends up on every trip our family makes to Texas. And for good reason- it's bigger than two good sized 'Wal*Mart" buildings put together, and the produce is shipped in fresh daily.

While the size may be slightly exaggerated (key word- slightly), the ranking on our sight-seeing list is not. All of us thoroughly enjoy shopping here. There are things that we specifically look for on each trip, which we can usually find at these stores, but usually can't anywhere else... Like daily fresh produce. Anyhow, here's a tour and small sampling of what lies behind the doors of Central Market.

Below: Various Produce and Root Veggies

Below: Some Gourds and Pumpkins

Below: Apples

Below: Melons

Below: Citrus Fruits

Below: A Portion of the Alcohol Section

Below: Flours, Dried Fruits, Nuts, and Candies of All Kinds

Below: Peanut Butter Anyone?

Below: One of the, Like, 10, Rows of Coffee

Below: Dairy (notice this is only the milk varieties part.)

And then there's the cheese section...
For Michelle's enjoyment (and/or envy) :D my next post holds several pictures of this part of the store. Being "Cheese Week" there were upwards of 500 cheeses available when we visited. :-)

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