November 2, 2010


Below: The Rock Path

Below: The Fort Richardson Hospital Plaque

Above: The Plaque says,

"Fort Richardson Cavalry Hospital, 1867.

In Fort built to halt Indian depredations in North Texas. One of buildings and units in inspection in May 1871 by Gen. W.M. Tecumseh Sherman, when news came of Massacre of Warren Wagon Train, 24-miles North-West. Killers, later found at Ft. Sill, were brought to trial in Jacksboro- First time Indians were ever tried in the White Man's Court in North Texas."

Below: The Bakery, From the Back Porch of the Hospital
Below: The Officer's Quarters, in Color and Black&White
Below: The Mess Quarters, Morgue Seen on Left
Below: A Wood Fence

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