November 29, 2010

A Walk Through Your House

If Messiah should walk through your house today,
Is there anything there you would put away?
Are there some things there you would like to hide
Before you invited you Him inside?

“Are there pictures there you would like to erase?
Would the Scriptures stay in its usual place?
Is there anything there you would change at all
If you knew the Master was coming to call?

“It would do no good for He sees right through
The things you own and the things you do;
But, if you feel His presence is growing dim,
Remove those things that are unlike Him!”

“If Christ Should Walk Through Your House” by Alice Hansche Mortenson


  1. Just thought I would comment and say great theme, did you code it for yourself? Really looks excellent!.

  2. No, I didn't code it myself. Unfortunately I am not fluent enough in HTML to make something this good yet. :-) I'm glad you like it.


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