January 8, 2011

Four Earthquakes Within a Half-mile

Are "they" tuning the HAARP...?

It has been suggested by many articles in the past week that the U.S. Gov't is using HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research) to manipulate the earth's weather and make "test" earthquakes. The evidence is building up that this may be a cause of the odd happenings recently (i.e. dead birds, dead fish, odd earthquakes...)

A summary of some such evidence may be found here:

Having said that, after sundown I checked the USGS' latest earthquakes map on a whim. Ya know, just to see if there was anything interesting happening. I found that there have been four earthquakes in Arkansas today- all epicenters being within a half-mile distance of each other. (hmm...very interesting...)
The thick white line represents 0.46 mi.
The orange dots mark the epicenter of recent earthquakes.

These earthquakes are just SE of Guy, Arkansas., in the approximate area of the earthquakes of the previous week (the topic of this post). Granted, this may just be part of the process of earth moving/splitting. (And I realize that- it just seems sort of suspicious, under the circumstances.) But if there is a "man behind the wheel" of this, it seems like they are going back to the area where they got the highest Magnitude 'quakes, and fine-tuning to find a more exact knowledge of where the earth is most vulnerable to their control.

Here is a list of the earthquakes from today (Sat. 1/8/11):
In Arkansas-
M2.8, 1/8/11, 4:05AM-CST
M2.3, 1/8/11, 4:07AM-CST
M1.9, 1/8/11, 5:32AM-CST
M2.5, 1/8/11, 2:10PM-CST
In Missouri-
M1.4, 1/8/11, 2:26AM-CST

...This is just an update on some of what I have noticed and my speculations on the subject... I may very well be wrong as to my suspicions- but there is something happening. Keep watching, waiting and praying for the Father's guidance as to what His plan is.

Shabbat Shalom!


  1. Forget HAARP. What about real Angels and Demons?

  2. That is also a very real possibility. -One that hadn't come to my mind specifically. Thanks for your imput!

    -the Author


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