January 5, 2011

Mid-America Earthquakes and Their Possible Future Significance

Over the past two weeks or so, I have been watching a series of relatively minor (1.0-3.0 magnitude) earthquakes in Arkansas. (Besides all of the major earthquakes happening accross the globe.)
A screen-shot of Google Earth, showing this line of earthquakes in Arkansas
(the orange dots):
The thick black line represents a measurement of about 5.30 miles.
The top dot marks the 8:19 AM earthquake metioned below.
Of the two marks separated from the others, the dot closest to the thick line is the 6:28 PM earthquake mentioned below.
These quakes have been occurring daily (rather, multiple times a day) since December 27th, and have seemed to move further North at each occurrence. The latest, as of this writing (Jan. 3rd), was a 2.0 on the Richter scale, at 6:28 PM, Sunday, January 2nd; just south of the M1.9 earthquake which happened at 8:19 AM, on the same day.

You're probably thinking "Okay...so what?" Well, this odd series of earthquakes is not alone in its peculiarity. (I say odd because it isn't the norm for earthquakes to shake this area in such great frequency.) They are located along the New Madrid fault line, and represent the shifting- or quite probably separation- of the land around the Fault. -This is very much related to the recent earthquakes along the West coast (and elsewhere), because the major movement going on there is pushing and pulling at the rest of the continent as the plates shift.

The probability of the New Madrid Fault-line shift is further evidenced by the recent earthquakes- near this fault line- which have occurred in Missouri (M1.7, 1/2/11, 1:36PM-CST), Indiana (M3.8, 12/30/10, 6:55AM-CST) and North Carolina (M2.5, 1/2/11, 6:34AM-CST), as well as in New Hampshire (M2.5, 1/2/11, 10:46AM-CST). There was also an earthquake in near-by Oklahoma (M2.8, 1/1/11, 12:52PM-CST) during this time-frame.

*Update (Jan. 5th)*: More earthquakes have occurred since the initial writing of this post, in Oklahoma (M2.9, 1/4/11, 12:31PM-CST), Arkansas (M1.8, 1/3/11, 8:50PM-CST, M1.9, 1/4/11, 10:15AM-CST; M1.8, 1/5/11, 5:49AM-CST), and Maine (M1.4, 1/5/11, 12:17AM-CST).
Why does it matter if the Fault moves or shifts? Because when (not if- when) the fault moves, it will likely begin to completely separate the Eastern States away from the rest of the continent. How? The connecting seismic zones, which include the New Madrid fault, will (in theory) break open due to violent earthquakes etc., and create (if nothing else) a large river or strait between the eastern seaboard and the rest of the country. FYI, In my head I have already named this body of water- it is called, "Dire Strait." (Sorry...Anyway...)

Besides the major problems that the relatively "sudden" existence of this strait this alone would cause, there remains the even greater chaos that would happen in the event of a chain of earthquakes in this area. I read that due to the geology of the Eastern half of the country, any earthquake over a Magnitude of about 5.8 which occurred in, say, Missouri or Arkansas, would be potentially felt in Southern New England or further. (The articles linked to below describe this.) The damage that this would cause for unprepared or unexpecting communities would ultimately be considered a collective National disaster of its own.

A map showing the "seismic trends" which fueled this theory, (as well as the general area of the New Madrid fault line and connected seismic areas):
Below are some articles which more completely explain the New Madrid theory- and thus its significance- presented by a geologist and geophysist named Jack Reed (who has been researching this subject for upwards of 40 years).
Do events in the Gulf suggest that the rifting process is already at work?

How Faults Work + New Madrid effects vs. San Fransisco effects-
It seems to me that as our country's leaders prepare to split Israel and Jerusalem, we will all obtain a clearer picture of what it is to "split in half" (or rather "thirds") a land YHWH has blessed.

I don't truly know if I am correct or not, but these articles, among others, have at least confirmed that I am not the only one making these speculations:

Witnesses to the seismic activity (of the past several years!):
...This is not to scare anybody, just something to think about...

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