January 8, 2011

Our New Baby

...It's a four-legged one. :-) He's so cute!
We chose not to name him until later.
The lady who is letting us stay in her house has a herd of cows on the property. This little bull calf was born yesterday (1/7/11), a bit prematurely, and she didn't have the time/ability to take care of him the way he needs it. So she told us that we could try to take care of him, and that if he lived we could have him!

I think that he's probably only two or three weeks early, but we're not sure. He's started to get his back teeth in, but doesn't have any in the front yet. He is already beginning to show some personality- He's bull-headed and spunky. :-)
He has decided that Mom is his mommy... She's having lots of fun with that. :-) We all started cackling this morning when she and the calf were bawling back and forth at each other! lol! Mom says that taking care of a baby cow isn't much different than taking care of a baby human- it's just a little bigger. :-)
We have all agreed that it has definitely been the Father's provision that he has been added to our family at this particular time. 
~If he weren't born a bit early, we wouldn't have been given the calf.
~If he weren't born a bit early, we would be busy getting the farm fixed up enough to move into, and wouldn't have time to care for him.
~The day before we got him, Mom had been told where to get fresh raw cow's milk and found the place that it is sold at.
~Yesterday, just hours before we were given him, Mom and Dad had gone to the feed store, and Mom remembered exactly where there was a "save-a-calf" box (powdered colostrum and such as might be needed in an emergency). She says that it was the only thing that she really remembered of the store.
~Mom had just enough time before sundown yesterday to go get the things we needed to feed him for the weekend.

And that's just some of the first day's happenings!...All said, we've enjoyed our Shabbat gift so far. :-)


  1. I think he's gorgous. Such a wonderful gift. Can't wait to see him in the spring. You may have your Ferdinand the bull already. :)

  2. *UPDATE*

    Unfortunately, the calf died at two weeks old, of hypothermia. He got cold during the night and we could never get him to warm back up. It was a learning experience for all of us.
    At any rate, we all enjoyed the time we were given to take care of this calf. :-)


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