January 14, 2011

This Week's Weather

Below: Monday's Weather (It's Snowing)
On Monday (maybe it was Tuesday...Anyway...) we had a great day playing in the snow with our neighbor's children. The snow was too wet to successfully have a snowball fight that day, but we had fun despite the lack of snowball throwing. :-)
Below: The Rest of the Week (Cold and Windy!)

Below: Friday's (Today's) Weather

The current weather is perfect for photography! It's cold enough to keep the snow and ice frozen, but not so cold that you can't stand being outside very long. :-) The Sun is shining, which helps too. :-) I used my Minolta to take 2 rolls worth of pictures of the snowstorm. Those will be really neat pictures I think, if they develop well.

...I am enjoying my new home so far...

Oh, and the calf is doing great! He has gotten to go outside for a few minutes, the last couple of mornings. He's not sure of what to think of the snow, but seems to like having extra room to jump around and stretch his legs. Today he is seven days old. I haven't taken any pictures of him for the last couple of days, but will try to post more soon.

Enjoy your Erev Shabbat!

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