February 9, 2011

Playing with Our Hair

It's winter, if any of ya'll haven't figured that out already... ;-) At this particular time, my family is dealing with a lot of cabin-fever, seeing as there is two feet of snow on the ground and very little to do right now. So we have to create things to do, and try to simultaneously not drive each other nuts. :-) Sometimes it works, sometimes not. We're doing okay though, all said and done...

This week my younger sister and I decided to try out some of the 'vintage' hairstyles that we have always liked. The results didn't turn out as 'vintage' as the 1940's pictures of, say, Ingrid Bergman or Lauren Bacall, especially since 'modern' hairstyles are greatly influenced by the styles of this era... After all, as the saying goes, "There is nothing new under the Sun." ...In any case, our hair does look neat after we've finished playing. :-) Or at least my sister's hair does... :-)

Here are some pictures of the "victory rolls" that I did on my sister's hair yesterday...

It's not as hard as it looks in pictures...This is simply two layers of rolls, with five or six rolls each. Her hair was damp which helped a bit...This being my first attempt, I was glad for that extra layer to hide my awful looking first set. Oh, and I used tons of bobby-pins! :-)

Today I have spent most of the day in rag curlers because my hair is so thick. My sister did them last night, and here is the end result- after we put my hair up. :-)

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  1. Ooooooh! SO pretty. :) You girls have lovely hair!! My favorite is the top one with the pinned curls.


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