February 13, 2011

A Pleasant Sabbath

Yesterday we had a good Shabbat. We have been spending Sabbath with some friends who live nearby. They are trying to learn about what Scripture actually says, and have begun to observe the seventh day sabbath. ...Yesterday they all wanted to try blowing Dad's Shofars...lol! Some got it after some trying, others never could get any sound out. All of the people who attempted to blow the shofar learned that it is harder than it looks. :-)

Mom played the piano for a little while during the evening, which was nice. She doesn't play very much anymore... I recorded a video of it, but there is so much else going on that you can't hear the music well. Bummer...

Anyway, I have some new music to listen to now. A few of the guys (being members of the male company) :-) were looking for messianic-ish music on YouTube and found some music by Melanie Gustard and her husband. This is her YouTube video page: http://www.youtube.com/user/MassiahYahushua. I don't know that I agree with everything that is to be found attached to her page, but the music videos are to my liking. :-) We don't  know of any CD's that she's done, so one of the men-folk made audio CD's of the music, which was neat (don't ask me how he converted video to audio, as I have no idea).

My  favorite song so far is called "Most High Yahuwah" - it is a song based on some verses in Isaiah that I have posted within the last several months. I thought that was so cool, that I knew where they got their lyrics, and had relatively recently posted those exact verses together. :-)
[See that post HERE: http://brightlight08.blogspot.com/2010/12/i-am-yhwh.html]

Here is the music video of the song- "Most High Yahuwah":

On a different note, we are still waiting for our house to close...still...some more... We should hear something definite on that this week though, I think. The appraiser that is supposed to come out to the house wants to wait for the roads to clear before coming... How the roads can get much clearer than they currently are in this weather, I have no idea, but that's what was said...so... we'll see what happens.

This week the temperature is supposed to be in the 50's, so I can't wait to get outside!

Enjoy the beginning of this new week! :-)

Oh, and before I forget- this next month begins the search for Abib Barley in Israel, to determine when the first month starts. So I will try to follow that and announce when it is found...whenever that is... :-)

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  1. Ha Ha, I Finally find your blog thingy, and look what i find?. Blowing that Shofar is a lot harder than it looks. But i do agree another good Sabbath went by,gee now that i think about it, i might have to give you a hard time on here to. lol
    Hope you don't mind, its all for fun, besides from your last post your suffering from cabin fever, so this might cheer you up.... i hope anyways, guess I'll find out sooner or later.
    But keep up the good work on here, lots of good stuff, i do find it enjoyable. So have yourself a good week, and i will check back here often.
    Your friendly man-folk, Greg. LOL


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