February 3, 2011

The Sky is Falling!...And The Fish Stink.

This is something that I had written, oddly enough, a month ago today. I had waited to post it until I had more evidence for my suspicions, and then forgot that I hadn't posted it... Anyway, there has now been much speculation and possible evidence as to the things here spoken of in relation to other strange events around the country and worldwide. This un-posted post was brought to mind after watching the below video of a section of the recent storm which has been passing through.

My comment- Is it normal for the tail end of storms to stay stationary over the residential areas of major towns and cities, or to have a grid-like pattern in their formation?
Anyway... Just something to think about... Here's a few of my thoughts, as written right after the mass-kills in Arkansas:
I thought that this article was interesting to read:

Some background:

1- On December 31st, in Arkansas, a large flock of Blackbirds were flying at night (which I don't believe is normal), in a storm (also not normal), and suddenly started falling from the sky...also...not...normal... The dead birds (currently estimated at around 3,000) landed in an area about a mile square over the town of Beebe, Arkansas (about 40 mi. N of Little Rock). The birds, after the first round of testing, were said not to be poisoned, but it was yet "unknown" if they were affected by toxins. (-BTW, the fact that the clean-up crew were wearing HazMat suits is virtually irrelevant. If the cause is "unknown", they are required to wear these in case there is any residue, fumes, etc. which could affect those handling the animals.-That's not to say that the birds weren't affected by toxins, just that the clothes worn by the "cleaner-up-ers" isn't grounds for assumption.)

Environmental scientists suggested that the flock had been hit by lightning, and thus confusing the birds or making them lose control. In our conversation, we discussed the possibility of man-made storms being the cause. Seeing as animals know when a natural storm is coming, and know to take cover, the birds shouldn't have been flying through a high-altitude lightning storm for any reason- unless they weren't expecting it. -This is something suggested in the article linked to at the top of this post, which happened to be published after our conversation.


2- On the same day, December 31st, about 110 miles NW of Beebe, there was a sudden die-off of Drum Fish. Around 100,000 Drum fish were found floating dead near a boat ramp in Roseville, Arkansas (Logan County). As of yet, the cause of this is completely "unknown", from what I have found.
...Why did it only affect one type of fish in the area...? Could it have been planned...? Or did something happen within the Drum population...? -Are we to be bombarded by an outbreak of "Fish-Flu"? (Bird-flu, Fish-flu, get it?...I know, it's lame, but hey- you have to find the humor somewhere...)

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