March 6, 2011

Still No Abib- Update

As suspected, there was no Abib barley found anywhere in Israel during today's search. This means that this reNewed Moon begins the Thirteenth Biblical Month, rather than the start of the new year.

The people who searched for the Barley also updated that the New Moon was seen in Israel this evening, March 6th. My family saw it tonight in the USA as well, but there were a few scattered reports of it having been seen yesterday evening. In any case, the Moon has been seen, and the barley "in the head" (Abib) was not.

Shalom on this Rosh Chodesh!


  1. I like the font you used... what is it?

  2. Thanks. It's called "Calligraffitti".

  3. Lol, are you being serious, or am i missing the joke? lol.

  4. lol! No seriously, that's the font name. I looked it up to make sure.


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