March 17, 2011

We're In At Last

Thanks to the help of some friends, we've finally gotten moved into our new house. Today we've all been dragging for one reason or another. This whole buying process has been so stressful on everybody, even the little ones. It just seems like one thing happens after another... We are all very frustrated. We are learning what it means to be thankful *in* all things, not *for* all things. It is not easy!

But we're here, which is a step forward. We went for a walk through the back pasture today, looking at the fencing and landscape, etc. It will be a lot of work, but we're looking forward to it. Well, most of it anyway. :-)

On the brighter side-

While we were walking, we saw that some of the trees are starting to bud out. The grass is turning green, and Daffodils are beginning to bloom in places. My little sisters have been outside playing house most of the day. They brought in handfuls of Daffodil flowers several times. I can't wait until the Irises bloom. There are places around the yard where you can see them coming up, but the tallest ones are only about two inches high right now.

Oh, and something else I had meant to post about, but didn't- I now own a horse. :-) I can't ride him, but that's not a major thing for me right now. The owner of the place we had been staying at over the winter gave him to me  for free! She didn't have the time to take care of him anymore, and I had shown that we would care for him well. So he's mine. :-) Doc- the horse- is a Quarter Horse gelding, and is 31 years old. He seems to be enjoying his new home. :-)

We also inherited (from the same person) two female cats. One is due to have kittens pretty soon, and the other wasn't pregnant when we got her. But we have discovered that there is a Tomcat in the barn, so... maybe we'll get more kittens. :-)

And now it's suppertime, because Mom just pulled into the driveway. :-) Due to the lack of a working kitchen at present, we ordered Pizza. My youngest siblings is super psyched because this is her favorite meal. :-)

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  1. Sweet! Now we can party at your house on the Sabbath. Lol.


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