April 28, 2011

Twister Effects

I'm sure that all of you know of the storms and tornadoes sweeping across the country these past few weeks. Yesterday a tornado decimated the home of a blogger that I like to read. A Wise Woman Builds Her Home is taking donations for and keeping in contact with Kelly Crawford over @ Generation Cedar. She lives in Alabama.

The Crawfords recently had a new baby, which adds that much more to the adjustment they're currently dealing with. Apparently there had been several other families taking shelter from the twister with the Crawfords, as well. One such family lost their father after having been trapped for several hours underneath their home.

If nothing else, please just keep these people in your thoughts and prayers. 

Visit @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home:

Visit @ Generation Cedar:

Vision Forum has also posted updates concerning the Crawfords and their community.

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