May 31, 2011

The Names of Numbers Chapter One

Sometimes Many times in trying to dig into the Scriptures I can sympathize with this quote:

"Reading the Bible in translation is like kissing your new bride through a veil."
--Haim Nachman Bialik (Jewish Poet, 1873-1934)

...After a bit of working with it, I finally got this into some semblance of "order." :-)

Numbers 1 Listing of Names:

Num 1:5  “And these are the names of the men who stand with you…”

Names:                                    Meanings:
-Reuben                                  See a Son
Elizur ben Shedeur-                 El of Rock, Spreader of light
-Shimon                                  Hearing
Shelumiel ben Zurishaddai-    Peace of El, Rock of Almighty
-Judah                                     Celebrated
Nahshon ben Amminidab-      Enchanter^, People of Offering
-Issachar                                 He will bring a reward
Nethaniel ben Zuar-                Given of El, Small^^
-Zebulun                                 Habitation
Eliab ben Helon-                     El of his father, strong
-Yoseph-                                 Let him add
-Ephraim                                 Double fruit
Elishama ben Ammihud-        El of hearing, People of splendor
-Manasheh                             Causing to forget
Gamaliel ben Pedahzur-         Reward of El, Rock has ransomed
-Benyamin                              Son of right hand
Abidan ben Gideoni-               Father of judgment, warlike/destroy[ing]
-Dan                                        Judge
Aheizer ben Ammishaddai-    Brother of help, People of Almighty
-Asher                                     Happy
Pagiel ben Ocran-                   Impact of El*, Muddler**
-Gad                                        Attack
Eliasaph ben Deuel-                El is gatherer/adding, Known of El
-Naphtali                                My wrestling
Ahira ben Enan-                      Brother of wrong/evil, having eyes

Num 1:17  “And Mosheh and Aharon את  took these men who were called by name…”

^Letters taken apart it means something like this, “The Son divides in two the hook and opens.”
^^Meaning Small in Size, Number, or Time
*From Strong's H6294 and/or H6293- "Impact or Impinge"

"IMPINGE, v.i. impinj'. [L. impingo; in and pango, to strike. See Pack.] To fall against; to strike; to dash against; to clash upon." - Webster's dictionary

** From Strong's H5916 meaning "to disturb or afflict"

Possible sentences:

Just tribe names:
"See a son, hearing and celebrated! He will bring a reward in his habitation. Let him add double fruit, causing to forget (your sorrows). He is the son of the right hand, the judge who is happy to attack my wrestling."

Just the names of the leader's Fathers:
"A spreader of light is the Rock of the Almighty. The people of offering are small [few] but strong. The people of splendor the Rock has ransomed. They are warlike/destroy[ed,ing], these people of the Almighty. Their affliction is known of El, having eyes."

The names of the Leaders and their Fathers:
"Am El of Rock and spreader of light, the peace of El is the Rock of the Almighty. The Son divides in two the hook and opens for the people of offering, the given of El, who are few. The El of his father is strong, He is an El of hearing to the people of Splendor, A reward of El for whom the Rock has ransomed (his people?). The father of judgment is warlike/destroying, a brother of help to the people of the Almighty. The striking of El afflicts. El is adding to, and known of El is the brother of evil, having eyes."***

***Possible reference to Hebrew idiom, i.e. both good and evil within him? Lukewarm?

Also, The names of [most of] the Elders are characteristics of Yahshua, as the Messiah and Son of YHWH. 
Whatcha think? 


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  1. Checking your site last night using the laptop and everytime I tried to write a comment it would skip around so, I gave up. Here I am on the PC and seem to be doing ok. Guess I'm the one messing up on the laptop!0:)
    Your study of the listing of the names is amazing!!0:)
    I have known for awhile the listing of the names is important and had them listed for that reading. Reggie Daniels was with us here in Hilliard and put together a sentence along the same thought as yours. We got all excited and noiw reading your study, even more exciting.
    Your insight never ceases to amaze me. How Blessed you are to have been raised to love studying especially THE WORD OF YHVH.
    We really miss all of you.
    Shalom and my love,


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