May 15, 2011

Our Current Menagerie

I know that I keep promising to post pictures of the animals we have acquired as of yet… And I have been taking pictures- I just haven’t taken the time to post them. So here’s a few photos…


The only two sheep on the property right now are these two St. Croix rams. We’ll be picking up a number of ewes at some point in the next several months. These boys are hanging out with my horse, Doc, at least for now. Doc has taken on the part of guard-dog where the rams are concerned. It’s funny to see them buddying up together.


This is Doc, on the left, and the two mules from which he vigorously guards the The mules were given to us, belong to my brothers, and have been named Geronimo and Red Fury respectively. The names came from books the boys have read over the winter. The mules are actually fairly good-tempered so far as I’ve seen- Red Fury is more based on the color of the mule, not his attitude.


The goats, however, do have attitudes. The black one (center of photo) isn’t so bad. The other goats have taken some getting used to. …It was funny watching them train to the electric fence. When we first got them (technically they belong to some friends), we hated those things so bad… so we set out lawn chairs and watched them squawk every time they hit the fence. It sounds awful, but we enjoyed watching. And they haven’t gotten out of the fence for a week or ten days, so it’s not so bad at present.



Tom (top photo) and the girls… these are the four kittens that Miss Kitty birthed in March. Our other barn cat is due to have kittens sometime this month… so we’ll see what we get.


These are a few of our 4-6 week old (or so) chicks. The brown one is a Speckled Sussex and the black is a Barred Rock. We’ve got about 36 of these, mostly Barred Rock.

Right now we have about 300 day-old chicks in our kitchen floor…no joke. 3 Lavender and 3 Pearl Guinea keets, 14 turkeys, 40+ Wellsummer pullets and most of the rest are straight run fryers. i.e. We have no idea whether they are male or female, and their only purpose is for eating. Mom says that they are probably Black- and White- Leghorns. Most of the chicks we got for 60 cent apiece, which is one-third of the sell price. The guy we got them from gave Mom a deal, and offered some more in a few months if we want some more.

first batch of 483 day-old chicks 009

first batch of 483 day-old chicks 011

These are some of the Fryers, checking out my camera. This one is in the process of pecking at the lens… lol

I still haven’t gotten any decent photos of the ducks or puppies… bummer…

And the bees aren’t posing for pictures either, so they’re probably not going to make an appearance here anytime soon.

So there you have it- my very long version of “a few” photos. Smile Enjoy!

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