June 8, 2011

Life at the Moment

I love roses this time of year! I just wish that I could get the ones we planted to grow... 

It is so disappointing to see so much work and money go to waste because I don't have time to do everything at once, or because the weather is too hot, or too wet, or the ground is too dry and rocky, or whatever. I'm not just talking about the roses- some of them are growing okay- but trying to *find* this farm (after not being taken care of for a year+), get it *started* so that we can use it (food!), and do everything that needs to be done in a day- we're barely managing to stay on top of it all. It seems like we're having to do everything at least twice, if not more. We realized that we would hit a learning curve when we got here- but why everything all at once?

I am trying to remember that this whole thing is in the Father's hands, that it is His farm- not ours, His timing- not mine. I just feel overwhelmed, trying to trust YHWH...

We have most of the garden put in- finally. The weather has been nice today- the breeze is good. We've had most of the afternoon "off." I was able to do some stuff on the website I've been working on. Despite generally sour moods amongst my siblings and I, we've had a fairly good afternoon, I think. We will work to plant the rest of the onions tonight when a family we know comes over to help us. So that'll be done.

Last night I found that the tree growing in the back of the greenhouse is an Elderberry- I'm glad we didn't pull it out. We've been experimenting with making Elderflower Syrup for the first time. After it is done, Mom wants to try it with ginger-ale before we freeze the syrup (it is supposed to make a good herbal soda), so we'll know whether anybody likes it or not.

The chickens have been having a grand time with the cicadas. The little ones chase them all over the place- sometimes colliding in the air when trying to jump up at one. Its funny to watch. The ducks love their little "mud hole" next to the pump. When we fill up their water bucket we let the water overflow for a minute so that it makes a puddle. They loudly let us know when they're happy. :-)

My terrible case of poison ivy isn't so bad. It wouldn't have been so awful except that it was on my arms and hands- it's more uncomfortable than itchy, until I get too hot, and then it really itches. I think it may be gone soon. Yay!

My brothers built a few K'Nex trucks this afternoon. They are playing with them in the living room floor. Those are some pretty neat dump trucks. :-)

My current computer wallpaper has a quote that I read the other day, and have found helpful in a lot of ways. It says, "A life without struggle has no achievement." - Michael Pearl 

I hope that what I am struggling to achieve- whatever that may be- is worth it in the end. I have to decide everyday whether I am going to work to achieve something good or not make the effort- and by default achieve something not-so-good. -There's my profound thought for the day... lol

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