December 25, 2011

Which Son?

The readings for  this last week were Genesis 41-44, Zechariah 3-4, and Matthew 27. This is what stuck out to me specifically.
Benjamin is the Son of my Right Hand, or Son of Favor.
Judah is the Celebrated.

Judah was willing to lay his own life on the line to protect Benjamin.

Yahshua Barabba is Son of (a/the) Father.
Yahshua Ha'Mashiach is Yahshua the Anointed.

Yahshua -the anointed son- laid down his life for the sins of every man's son.

Scripture doesn't say what tribe Barabba was from, but we do know that Yahshua Ha'Mashiach was of Judah. He willingly gave his life in place of the son favored by the crowd.

So, not only is the story of Joseph a "type" of the Messiah, but so is the action taken by Judah in Genesis 43.

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