January 15, 2012

Sarah Had a Little Lamb...

...Or three. Yesterday, one of the three ewes that are expected to lamb this month had triplets. All three in the set were ewe lambs. They're so funny to watch! Mom can't get over how funny they are when they wag their tails. :-)

The lambs, chickens, and cats keep checking each other out. The cats don't quite know what to make of the babies. The lambs are about the same size as the cats are, but they sure don't act like kittens. :-)


  1. Oh so beautiful! Enjoy them for us. What is the symbol on the mother's back? :D

  2. That's just her number painted on.

    A few weeks ago her number tag came off of her collar, so we just marked it onto her until we can fix it. The paint is just powder, so it will come off at some point. It's not permanent. :-)


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