February 22, 2012

Baby Animals

This is one of the ewe lambs checking out a bug in the hay. Yesterday, I went out into the pasture to call the horses up, and they were jumping. It looked like the lambs were trying to do an Irish jig or something, except that they had four legs instead of two. :-) The calf tried once, and had a "forget it" look on his face after that. It was funny.

This is the bull calf. We intend to band him, but will wait to do that until we are ready to vaccinate him, and do it all at the same time. Bud, our next door neighbor, named him BLT as in Better Lean and Tender. The boys call him their version though, and that is LSP- Lip Smackin' Burgers.

This is Peanut, our Morgan yearling. He's trying to figure out my camera in this shot. He could not figure out what that that thing was. :-) In any case, it was between my hand and his forehead, which he wanted me to scratch. He was more interested in getting attention than figuring out the grey thing. :-)

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