March 8, 2012

A Child's Perspective on Agriculture

The other day I was transplanting bulbs from various parts of our yard to a designated flower bed. My youngest sister was helping me. I was digging the holes for the bulbs, and she was putting them in and covering it up. After I showed her what I wanted her to do, she asked me if it was the flowers' bed time- since we were putting them in a "flower bed" and "putting their covers on- all the way up to their chin." :-) After some time of working to her dialogue about this newly discovered need of plants, I was informed that there are bulb families. Mommies and Daddies sometimes share a bed if it is big enough, and each one of them has a baby or "big kid" that sleeps with it "to keep them warm."
Along those same lines, Rocks are a fruit. Did you know that? That's why there are some on top of the ground, and others are harder to get out. "You pick up the ones on top because those are ready. The other ones we leave in because they're not ripe yet." That informational tidbit is courtesy of the same sister, while picking up rocks out of the hay field. :-)

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