July 13, 2012

The Economy is Heading Downhill

In case you hadn't already figured that out. :-) I tend to agree with this Economist, that there's no fixing it. That's partially due to a common-sense look at the situation, but also because I believe that this is part of YHWH's judgement and breaking down the pride of America, as a covenant people. Our country's wealth has essentially become an Idol, something which is, of late, of our own making; and in which we put more trust than the El who gave us that blessing in the first place.

So here's the article I refer to:

The referenced Prediction Interview on CNBC in May:
And an article on the subject by Nouriel Roubini (For those who've read The Harbinger- interesting how his name's Nouriel isn't it?) Anyway, so here's his post:

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