August 24, 2012

My First Blog Award!

Rachel @ Peculiar Treasures awarded me with the Liebster Award last week! Thanks, Rachel! :-)

The word Liebster is German for "beloved" or "favorite" or something similar. I'm not exactly sure how the tag started, but the general consensus for the reason behind it seems to be summed up in this quote, "The award recognizes new and upcoming bloggers with less than 200 followers who deserve some kind of recognition and support for their contribution." So there you have it. I'm awarded. :-)

But it comes at a price. There are rules to be followed, which seem to vary depending on which path the award has taken across the internet... But basically, like any other tag, these are the basic rules which help to keep the award going:

1) Choose up to 11 bloggers, linking them to your post.
2) Go to their webpage and inform them of their nomination.
3) Absolutely NO tagbacks.
4) Remember to ONLY tag bloggers with less than 200 followers.

UPDATE: I posted 10 questions for the people nominated below {here}.

The people I have chosen to nominate are:

Sara @ Sara's Space
Cassia @ Passionate Curiosity
Heather @ Memories for Today
Shannon @ A Bright Light in A Dark World
Rachel @ Lavendar and Honey

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  1. Thank you for awarding me... it was so sweet of you!



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