August 2, 2012

The Jews Are Not the Problem

This was a comment posted on an article talking about Khamenei's announcement that Iran is looking to be at war with Israel within weeks.

"I’m sorry to say that he’s right. The Jews want this war so badly they are pissing their pants. They planned WWIII more than 100 years ago and they will not let anybody or anything stop it!
This is their great moment, their chance to complete the enslavement of us human beings, plunge the world into darkness and chaos while creating Satan’s New World Order.
Anybody but me think it’s high time to start burning Jews at the stake again?"

This makes me so angry. People see the truth but refuse to understand it. The "Jews" are not Freemasons or Rosicrucians. The "Jews" are not the Illuminati. It's not some Devil-worshipping secret sect. It's not a control-the-world-and-enslave-them freak club. Right now, the "Jews" are doing their level best to just keep their lives and their land.

The "Jews" are not the ones trying to plunge the world into darkness and usher in "Satan's new World Order." They don't worship Satan, they don't like Satan; Satan is an evil deciever, wandering the earth searching for what he can kill, steal, and destroy. He is not an angel of light- He used to be, yes, but then he rebelled against YHWH and was thrown out of Heaven. He may appear to some as an angel of light, but that's because he is a powerful and artistic copy-cat, trying to convince humans to worship him- and succeeding very well at it.

Yes, someone has planned WW3 for quite some time, and someone has been planning a great many things for a long while- but it wasn't the "Jewish" people. It has always been directed at the "Jewish" people. Why? Because they're special. Because they represent the fact that there is a god greater than themselves. That this god blesses those who bless His people and curses those who curse them. That this god fights for His people against His enemies- and even when punishing His people He always leaves a remnant to tell the story, to bring glory to His name. That god is YHWH, and He will never pass away. He cannot be conquered. Even Death cannot stop Him, because His sovereign hand governs even this.

If you burned at the stake every "Jew" you could ever find, YHWH would still have hidden some from you. With persecution, faith grows and spreads. When that faith is pure and protected by the creator of the universe, there is no way to extinguish it. You will be destroyed in His rage and by the fire of his wrath before that can ever happen. You will not defeat those who choose to obey him, who put their trust in Him. Never.

So, the "Jews" are not your real problem, my Adversary.

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