August 29, 2012

We Must Be One

My heart really desires for the youth/young adults, the people of our generation, to come together as disciples of the Word and edify one another. This has been on my mind more than ever, lately. It isn't enough to passively understand YHWH's Truth. It isn't enough that the older generations are learning and sharing wisdom, if we don't do anything with it. We have an obligation to take the lamp and carry it to the next generation. If we don't, nobody else will. No one else can.

I feel like there are a lot of young people who are truly searching, desiring YHWH's Word, and trying to walk this path. But we are so far from each other in our communication. We need to bridge that gap, and bring this generation together in unison. We need to take up our cross, sharpen our swords, and carry the fight to the front lines. But we will all fall if we cannot come together as one, if we are always arguing between each other over the trivialities of our faith. 

It's time for us to stand up for what we believe, to own up to who we believe we are. Yahshua died so that the Houses of Judah and Ephraim could be once again made whole, grafted together in His hand as one. We can be made whole. We are required to. But in order to fully become united we must accept each other, our existence, our differences. We must realize that all of Yisrael is one.

We cannot succeed in uniting under His banner if we continue to segregate ourselves according to bloodlines and personal preferences. There will be no Jew and Gentile in His camp. If you believe, if you have chosen the same Elohim, the same Torah, then you are one people. Isaiah 44 says that YHWH's people will call themselves by different names, but they are all the same to Him. They are His.

I believe that our messiah and bridegroom will be returning soon. Before that though, I believe that there are hard times coming. I believe very few will survive this time, relative to the world population. I believe that if the Youth do not aim to follow YHWH, do not have a strong belief in His plan, then it will be a major hindrance to the Camp, and a risk to everyone's physical and spiritual survival through the testing ahead of us. As such, we must succeed in this. We must have that strong foundation. We must get real and unite together under YHWH's banner.

Let's cut the small talk. Let's get to the depths of Torah. Let's learn and glean YHWH's truth together. It's good to talk of homes and hope chests. But if we do not have a good strong foundation beneath our faith, if we are not able to stand up for that, then it's all just straw to be burnt in the fire. So let's get serious about this. Let's work together, let's stand as one, on the foundation of YHWH's truth and deliverance.

The line has been drawn. Each of us must make a decision as to who we choose to obey, where we will stand. I choose to stand with YHWH. Who among you will join me?


  1. I want to leave a comment to say that I really enjoy your blog. It is thought provoking, which is something I really appreciate. I understand and agree with what you said, I know that it is vital. I feel the same was about wanting to go deep, but I think that we need to be careful and prayerful when that is with other young people, especially with those who are under their parents authority, I am saying this with experience. I hope you understand what I am trying to say, I am not discouraging you but all things need to be taken into consideration.

  2. I understand what you are trying to say Cassia. I also have some knowledge from experience. I agree with you.

    All things must be done under the authority of our parents. But we should not leave the actions of faith to our parents. We should not expect their faith to get us a free ride, or lack of faith to hinder us, as the case may be. We must be willing to boldly stand for the gospel, as youth, to positively influence the culture around us, including our younger siblings, who will be the next generation of believers.

    didn't intend to imply that we need to rebel. I realize that's not what you thought I said, I'm just stating that for emphasis. Within our parents permission and covering, we must take our personal, generational stand for the Kingdom. This is what I meant.

    Shalom, and thank you for expressing your thoughts. We do need to be prayerful and careful in all things.

    Blessings in Messiah,


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