September 6, 2012

Lilla Rose Review and Giveaway!

Several weeks ago, I got a LillaRose Flexiclip in the mail. I had seen them in various places on the internet, and thought that they looked nice. But I never did anything about it. Until this last month.

I ordered a catalog, and my distributor sent me a flexi-clip with it. Let me tell you, I love that clip! My little sisters love that clip! My youngest sister, who has very fine hair, wore it all day without it falling out. Even after playing outside. That never happens.

I can wear the same clip, having thick curly hair, and it fits and stays in just as well as it did for my baby sister. They come in multiple sizes, too. So I can have a smaller one for half-up 'do's or a ponytail, and a larger one for all my hair. Or my next younger sister, who has really long hair, can get one that will actually hold up all of her hair, giving her many more choices in hairstyles. Or we can get a mini clip, that will look pretty and hold up my youngest sister's hair, which is next to impossible. There's 6 sizes, and so many options, you can't go wrong with it!

I love that it's pretty and feminine, but still practical for everyday wear. It looks nice, so I can wear the clip to the grocery store or a social event. But it's strong and sturdy, so I can wear the same clip out to the garden to pick veggies, or work in the dirt without worrying about my updo falling out. On top of all that, it's so comfortable that I forgot I had it in my hair!

So I bartered for another clip. :-) And... My distributer has offered to give away one of these wonderful Flexi-Clips to my readers. It is a Summer Sunflower Flexi-Clip, in size Small.
There are several ways you can gain entries for the giveaway.
~ Go to this website and pick which product is your favorite: Then comment to let me know which one you like best.
~ Post about it on your blog or webpage. Comment with a link to that post.
~ Share it on your social media sites, linking back to each in a separate comment.
Each comment will get you 2 entries. The giveaway ends on September 27th. Have fun! :-)


  1. the summer sunflower is really pretty. I also love the skull one.


  2. 1-0115 Princess Tiara Dangle

  3. I think the Roman Cross flexi is really neat! Anne Sweden

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