October 23, 2012

Who Are You Going to Trust?

The root cause of fear is a lack of trust. We have no direction because we try to do it on our own, or are thinking of it only through our own strengths and weaknesses. Scripture says that YHWH doesn't give us a spirit of fear, but of love, peace, and a sound mind. We don't have access to these things unless 1) we ask Him, and 2) trust Him to provide what we need. When YHWH is on our side we have no reason to fear this world or anything in it, because we trust YHWH. We are given a direction, albeit one step at a time.

Trust is the root of faith. Faith is the action of choosing to trust. Walking by faith is living by that choice to trust. Fear is the antonym of Faith. If a child of YHWH, a believer in Messiah Yahshua, is dwelling in fear, it is not because YHWH will not help them; it is because they refuse deep down inside to let Him. They are too unwilling to give up their control, however real or perceived, over their lives.

The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. In order for the spirit to succeed the flesh has to die. We have to give up the control of our flesh in order to truly be set free. So let go. Take the step.

The chains of sin and fear are loose around your ankles, and all you have to do is step out. But you have to make the choice. You have to take the step. You have to let it go. So, Peter, Paul, and Silas, who are you going to trust more? The chains of the flesh, or the deliverer?

"He that hath ears to hear let him hear." Someone needs to hear this. Maybe many need to hear this. But it's what I felt I needed to write. So I did.

Shalom in Yahshua,

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