March 19, 2013

In Latter Times... Forbidding to Marry

"But the Spirit distinctly says that in latter times some shall fall away from the belief, paying attention to misleading spirits, and teachings of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having been branded on their own conscience, forbidding to marry, saying to abstain from foods which Elohim created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth."
1 Timothy 4:1-3
A church in North Carolina will stop performing marriages until United Methodist pastors are allowed to officiate weddings for same-sex couples in the Tar Heel state. The Green Street United Methodist Church in Winston-Salem made the announcement on its Facebook page on Friday and held a press conference on Sunday detailing its plan. The Rev. Kelly Carpenter told on Monday that his 400-member congregation and its 18-member Leadership Council have long considered the move. “Many people in our church have been very active about marriage equality in North Carolina, so we’re not new to talking about this issue,” Carpenter said. “So over the past year, this statement has developed, and not only to the state of North Carolina, but also to the United Methodist Church in regards to the injustice of not being able to conduct same-sex weddings.”

The church won't allow any couple to wed in their building until same-sex couples are allowed to wed period, at least in their state and church system. Is this an instance of "forbidding to marry" in the context of this verse? The issue certainly provokes some thought...


  1. I am not sure, I'll have to give it some thought. Interestingly enough, I read 1 Timothy this Shabbat, and this was one of the verses that was particularly brought to my attention.


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