March 14, 2013

Sha'ul & Athens: A Guest Post by Sonja Langford

The account of Sha’ul’s (Paul’s) visit to Athens in Acts 17 and his widely renowned ‘Areopagus Sermon’ delivered on Mars Hill (verses 16-34) is just as powerful today as when it was given a few thousand years ago. In the message he delivered, Sha’ul revealed to the Athenians that this unknown God whom they were worshipping was Yahweh— a Personal Creator God who surpasses all of the other gods they worshiped.
Mar’s Hill was the location of a temple where the gods from almost all nations were present, and because the Athenians did not wish to offend anyone who’s god had been left out or limit the worship of a god someone might have created, they placed an altar for an unknown God. Sha’ul’s message first began with revealing the unknown God to them, and then he went on to challenge their perception of an “unknown god” whom they could create for themselves.
He told them that they could not assign characteristics on a God to suit their needs. His argument for this stemmed from his position that we are all God’s children. “So, since we are all children of God we shouldn’t suppose that God’s essence resembles gold, silver, or stone shaped by human technique and imagination.” (Acts 17: 29)
I am reminded of the words of Isaiah: “How you turn things upside down! — Is the potter not better than the clay, does something made say of its maker, ‘He didn’t make me?’ Does the product say of its producer, ‘He has no discernment?’?” (Isaiah 29:16)
How can we as the children of Yahweh turn to our maker and declare that he didn’t make us or even more audaciously declare that He is different from what He truly is. Can the creation redefine the creator?
The Athenians were a tolerant people who allowed people to create a god who served themselves. How sad it must be for those who have to create a god who agrees with their personal beliefs—a god that will accept and condone their lifestyles instead of a loving Heavenly Father who loves them as a person and whose standards never change. I continually praise the Father for His goodness and for being a personal Creator God who cares for us. HalleluYah!
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Much thanks to Sonja, for taking the time to write this! I've wanted to do a Guest Post for some time, and Sonja was perfect for it. She's been great to work with on various projects, and I look forward to working with her in the future. Check out!

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  1. Kally! It was my pleasure to do the post! I appreciate the opportunity and enjoyed the study I was able to do for it! :-)


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